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Delivering sales growth in the current business environment is challenging for many organisations. Prospects are hard to reach, buying processes are complex and sales cycles are longer. Winning in this environment requires a solid commercial framework.

Sales CycleDefine each stage of the sales cycle to make it easier to assess the sales pipeline and see where deals are getting stuck. Typically, the cycle involves 7 stages; prospecting, contacting, qualifying, pitching, handling objections, closing, following up.
Value PropositionDevelop a compelling value proposition that clearly states the value you provide to customers and what differentiates you from the competition.
Sales ProcessCreate a buyer-focused sales process that reflects your customer's needs & their buying processes.
ProspectingDefine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to determine which organisations benefit most from your product or service. This will help to focus future prospecting activities, shorten the sales cycle and increase customer lifetime value.
Web SiteOrganize your web site so that it supports your sales team and helps prospective customers access the information & resources they need to move forward in their decision making and buying process.
CRMAlign your CRM software with the sales process to enable more effective management of the sales pipeline & ensure forecast accuracy.
ProposalsDevelop an efficient process for producing high quality and ultimately more successful sales proposals.


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