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The Post-Pandemic business environment is a time of change, challenge and opportunity for businesses everywhere. Remote working and AI have changed the way we work and how work gets done. Attracting customers and winning new business in this environment is challenging and requires a solid commercial framework.

Sales ProcessDo you have a well-defined sales process that is optimized to make it easy for customers to buy from you?
Value PropositionDo you have a compelling value proposition & USP to differentiate your product or service from the competition?
Web SiteDoes your web site present a professional image of your business to prospective customers? Is it properly aligned with your sales strategy & target market?
ProspectingHow is prospecting activity planned and what metrics are used to measure and manage this activity?
CRMDoes your CRM software provide data driven reporting to ensure effective pipeline management & forecast accuracy?
Sales & Marketing AlignmentIs marketing activity aligned with sales strategy? Is your marketing messaging aligned with the particular challenges that your customers are dealing with?
ProposalsDo you have an efficient process for producing high quality proposals? For competitive bid processes, what selection criteria underpin the bid/no bid policy?
Sales PerformanceHow is sales performance managed and how are people motivated to ensure high performance?
TechnologyHow can AI and other tools be used to improve sales effectiveness?


B2B SalesPro is a consultancy with sales, marketing & business development experience in multiple sectors including media, technology, visual communications, FMCG and professional services.


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